The University of Georgia is calling all alumni

706-715-7002 Calling Underway at UGA Engagement Center

Calling is underway at the University of Georgia Engagement Center

The phone campaign is an annual initiative that supports the academic endeavors of our students, faculty and programs. UGA student ambassadors operate in partnership with UGA’s development office, reaching out to alumni to share past and current UGA experiences. Many alumni anxiously await conversations with these students and are eager to share their background and support. These quick conversations are great opportunities to update alumni records, encourage alumni engagement in activities and programs, and most importantly, gain insight into the impact that alumni support has on students’ experiences. As an alumnus, you should be expecting a call soon from 706-715-7002.

One of UGA’s student ambassadors will call you to have a conversation and learn more about your own UGA experience. We understand schedules are busy this time of year, so students will continue calling until they connect—so answer early on in the process when you see a call from 706-715-7002! UGA commits to creating open communication channels with alumni and encourages you to share your interests and resources with us.

Meet some of our student ambassadors, Aubrey and Ryan—you may hear from one of them soon!

For more information about the University of Georgia Engagement Center or our phone campaign, call 888-268-5442.