Planning to Inspire for Generations to Come

As long-time members of the Athens Community, Connie Crawley and her husband Art have a passion for music, art and higher education. Since moving to Athens in 1987, the Crawleys have enjoyed witnessing the ongoing transformation of the University of Georgia and the surrounding community. Connie worked for 28 years at Cooperative Extension as a state nutrition and health specialist, and Art earned his doctorate from the College of Education in Adult Education. Introduced to the University’s culture through classes and student performances, their love for opera, theater and art grew. They show a keen understanding of the impact of a holistic college education through their support for both academics and campus culture.

Their experiences on campus inspired Connie and Art to leave a legacy that would continue to benefit students through the years. As beneficiaries of scholarships that aided their own educations, they understand the importance of lifting the financial burden of higher education. Motivated to make sure future students have the same opportunities they themselves enjoyed for growth through educational and cultural experiences, Connie and Art chose to give back by creating a planned gift that will fund future students’ scholarships through the Connie Crawley Travel Award Fund and the Art Crawley Graduate Student Support Fund.

“If you want to have a long-term impact on the future, donate to an institution of higher education. It will guarantee the continued strength of our nation and the world. Education isn’t just about getting a job; it is about getting a broader mindset and worldview.”

Art’s experience working at other universities instilled in him the joy of watching students grow and become brand new people. With their two endowed scholarships, Connie and Art have ensured that students at UGA will continue to grow through education. “…We know we owe these institutions for what they have given to us. This is the least we can do.”