Parents Leadership Council to accept grant applications for 2022-2023

The University of Georgia Parents Leadership Council (PLC) invites campus organizations with a clear commitment to enhancing the undergraduate student experience to apply for grant funding for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Applications will be accepted starting Oct. 4 from UGA schools, college, units, departments, divisions or student organizations registered with the Center for Student Activities and Involvement. The deadline to apply for funding is Nov. 19 at 5 p.m. Late applications will not be accepted.

PLC grants are awarded annually to fund scholarships, support critical undergraduate student needs and assist registered student organizations with projects and programs that enhance the quality of life for undergraduates.

Programs that receive grant funding demonstrate a direct and positive impact on student life at UGA. Previous grant awards funded student well-being initiatives, Freshman Welcome, and Campus Kitchen, which received a $38,720 grant last year to purchase a mobile kitchen trailer to aid its hunger relief mission.

“The PLC has historically given our group about $5,000 per year, but when the pandemic hit and Campus Kitchen wanted to step up in a big way, the PLC stepped up too,” says Andie Bisceglia, Campus Kitchen coordinator in UGA’s Office of Service-Learning.

Another recipient of PLC support last year was the College of Engineering, which received grant funding for 10 student success initiatives, three of which focus on diversity and inclusion.

“The support provided by the PLC Grants Program has had a significant impact on our student organizations and Office of Student Success over the last several years,” said Jan Blaine, senior director of development at the College of Engineering. “Most student organizations begin each year with small budgets of $1,000 or less, so the PLC grants have truly been instrumental in enabling travel to conferences and competitions and allowing these aspiring engineers to take advantage of opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible.”

The PLC Grants Program awarded 69 grants totaling over $625,000 for the 2021-2022 academic year. Since 2012, the PLC has awarded over $3.8 million in grants to programs such as Designated Dawgs, the Outreach and Financial Assistance Fund at the UGA Speech and Hearing Clinic, the Student Government Association’s Clothing Closet and the University Health Center’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services Program (CAPS), which received a $24,750 grant last year to support students who cannot afford medical care.

According to Christopher Corbett, director of CAPS, “For the University Health Center and for every student, the PLC’s generosity is the right prescription for a healthy campus and a healthy college experience.”

To apply for a PLC grant and for a complete list of guidelines, visit

For more information, email the Office of Parent Giving at